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So much misunderstanding and misinterpretation exists relative to Gay-Lesbian issues.  The Bible does not even begin to say about Gay-Lesbian people what most preachers and ministries would try to suggest.  In an effort to foster and encourage a better, more Scriptural and godly understanding of Gay-Lesbian issues and people, Pastor Charles Burnett-Morrow has spent years researching and writing the following list of articles.  

The following articles and Bible Studies have mostly been written by Pastor Charles Burnett-Morrow and are designed to assist GLBT believers find faith and reconciliation.  Any articles by other authors are clearly credited to the actual authors.  These articles and studies are affirming in nature, so the reader needn't fear that they are being lured into reading something on one premise, only to be sideswiped by material that is homophobic, hateful, or demanding change on the part of the GLBT individual.  We hope you are blessed and helped by this material which represents over a decade of serious thought, prayer, and writing on the part of our pastor.   For further reading on this important theological issues, please consult our suggested reading list for books, articles, website's, etc authored by a number of men and women from a variety of theological backgrounds and viewpoints.

NOTE: Many of the Bible Studies appearing here have Video presentations of that study which are offerred at the bottom of the article's page. Just scroll to bottom to view videos.

GLBT Related
Articles & Bible Studies:
"Heterosexual Abomination"

"Grace Works For Us Too!"

"If Closets Could Talk"

Homosexuality As it Is Commonly
In The New Testament

"I Believe!"
A very personal story of being gay and Christian.

Homosexuality & The Bible - Page 1
A look at the issue of homosexuality as it is represented in the Bible.    Homosexuality & The Bible - Page 2

Let's Visit Sodom
An honest look at the Biblical account of the destruction of this infamous city.  (Edited and revised on 10-27-11)

Understanding The Term "Sodomite"
How is this term actually suppossed to be defined?

Homosexuality In The Old Testament - Article 1
3 Article Series
Supposed Old Testament references to homosexuality and how they genuinely apply to humanity, then and now.
Homosexuality In The Old Testament - Article 2
Homosexuality In The Old Testament - Article 3

Let's Look At The Term "Sodomite"
A term made popular by the King James translators which has become a part of popular, contemporary culture and society.  But does the Bible really speak of people who act and behave like the people of Sodom when it speaks of so-called "Sodomites?"

Would You Care For A Camel?
Contemporary Christianity gags at the issue of homosexuality, and yet it has learned to easily swallow such major issues as divorce and remarriage.  The church today is the same religious, law-obsessed, legalistic entity that the Jewish faith had become when Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago, full of hypocrisy and contradictions.
Romans 1: Setting The Record "Straight"
What is Romans chapter 1 really saying?

Gay & Christian?
Is it possible to be both?  Absolutely!

Who Is In The Closet?
A closet is a dark place where people hide from the truth about the world in which we live.  It's not just for GLBT people anymore!

Truth Be Told
What is the truth about human sexuality, and homosexuality in particular?

On Behalf Of Gay & Lesbian Christians
There are some very logical, Biblical, and compassionate arguments in support of the church embracing Gay-Lesbian believers.
What's the truth about this great homosexual conspiracy that Fundamentalist Christian leaders keep telling us about?

Cop Out!
If Fundamentalist teaching relative to homosexuality is skewed and inaccurate, then what's your excuse for not serving the Lord?

Reality Changes Things
Throughout history the church has altered it's positions on a variety of important human issues.

What Is "Progressive Pentecostal?"
Rev. Charles Morrow coined this phrase in 1993.  Just what exactly does it mean?

Stuck On Stupid
Those who choose to walk in old understandings and incorrect interpretations of important Biblical issues are much like a man who is "stuck on stupid."

Homosexuality & Christianity
By: Ross (A Blog entry on MySpace, reprinted with permission)

A Letter To Louise
A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality
by a Baptist minister who researched and studied this topic extensively.

The Truth About (Gay) Marriage
Who are the real enemies of Gay marriage, and what are the real reasons for their opposition?

Can I Be Saved?
The answer to this important question is simply, YES! No matter who you are, what your life experience, or where you are coming from in life - YOU CAN BE SAVED!

"Don't Blame The Bible"     (Huffington Post 3-21-13)

Justin Welby Talks Same-Sex Marriage To BBC Before Enthronement As New Archbishop Of Canterbury   (Huffington Post 3-22-13)

Homosexuality & Christianity     By Rev Michael Piazza     Pastor of Virginia Highland Church, Atlanta GA

Evangelicals With Gay Children Challenging Church      By Rachel Zoll

Come Out Believing!
Affirming Christians
Affirming Pentecostals
Affirming Apostolics
Pastor Charles Burnett-Morrow