Scarcely does a day go by except that there is not some representation in the media, either on television or in the printed press, of a massive conspiracy and hidden agenda being pursued by the Gay-Lesbian community.  Just today I once again watched as two ignorant yet vocal members of the religious right defended their homophobic stance in opposition to the homosexual orientation on prime time television.
   Once again the Bible was brandished as the weapon of choice.  Once again tradition was cited as sufficient grounds for the defense of marriage being solely defined as that union between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation.  Once again those who know the least were speaking the loudest!
   At one point in the discussion, one of our dear right wing defenders of “truth, justice, and the American way” leveled again the accusation that the “Gay movement” has a secret agenda which it is pursuing in an effort to force it’s views upon society at large.   The Gay community was vilified by reason of the fact that it has responded vocally to the recent news of one loud mouthed, ignorant, and homophobic radio personality’s being given the green light to go on television.  Because the homosexual community raised its voice in protest, we are deemed conspirators.
   Where is the conspiracy when right wing demigods call for the boycott of various companies, advertisers, and television programs in response to what it deems anti-Christian values?  No, no.  That is not conspiracy.  That is simply activism in the truest sense of the American right to protest and the first amendment right to free speech and expression of opinions and viewpoints.  When, However, when the Gay-Lesbian community engages in very similar activities in defense of it’s own being falsely accused and misrepresented, we suddenly become conspirators who threaten the very moral fabric of this nation!  What hypocrisy!
   There were those who not long ago accused men like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of having a secret agenda.  There were those over a century ago who claimed that the abolitionist movement was less a matter of moral, spiritual, and social conscience and scruples than it was a conspiracy by the north to ruin the south.  I’am certain the men who stand in truth guilty of murdering such great men as Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. King all felt perfectly justified in their self convinced notions that these men embraced ideas born of conspiracy anarchy, killing them in cold blood as opponents of truth and liberty.
   Seldom does necessary change come about without someone loosing his or her life to a higher ideal.  Humanity is so resistant to the very nature of love as described in I Corinthians chapter thirteen, that it assumes always the worst and ascribes to all who believe, speak, act, or look differently than oneself the title of traitor and deviant.  Many tried for centuries to suggest that the black man’s skin color was a curse from God in response to some ancient sin.     Others claimed it was an aberration, an abnormality in its origin, albeit now a common occurrence.
   What is the purpose of the supposed conspiracy that the homosexual community is engaged in?  Why it is to of course destroy the very moral fabric of our society.  What else could it be?  It couldn’t possibly be that those who have had to live an existence “outside the norm” are simply trying to promote understanding and acceptance of their place in the world.  It cannot possibly be that the homosexual community has a legitimate claim deserving of genuine inspection, debate, and consideration.  No, of course not.  It is far easier to simply ascribe to those who promote human evolution in the realms of knowledge and understanding the titles of deviants, perverts, mentally ill, and socially irresponsible.
Why not take the easy way out by making a complex issue as simple to read as black words on a white page.  Former Georgia Governor George Wallace once saw the issues of race and segregation as being every bit as clear an issue as (pardon the unintentional pun) black and white.  Before he died, however, he acknowledged that his mentality of the past was erroneous and fowl.  And I am sure his change of heart was only partly due to the fact that he came within inches of losing his life to an attempted assassination.  After all, many would have become even more hardened and convinced further that their hateful beliefs were justified after having endured such a horrendous act.
   It is so easy for one who must not live the experience to judge those that must!  Even the American Indian had an old proverb that applied so aptly to this situation: “Judge not your neighbors walk until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.”  Those best able to make sound judgments relative to any situation in life are those who have lived in that situation.  Republican candidate for president Senator John McCain is far more likely to be able to understand the dilemma faced by prisoners of war than his GOP rival George W. Bush, Jr., who never spent a day of his life in any situation any more restrictive and punitive than an afternoon in the corner of the room in his third grade class, perhaps even wearing a dunce cap.
   Once again today I heard the age-old argument employed that Gay life is a decadent life.  How does the bastion of truth and holiness that presented this argument know this to be true?  Why, look at the way in which the homosexual community is portrayed in the media was his less than intelligent response!
   Can this foolish man be so absurd as to believe that what is most frequently seen in mass media and print publications are valid representations of the majority of any segment of American society?  He pointed angrily at the advertisements placed in Gay publications as his “proof positive” of the perverse and decadent morality of the homosexual world.  But then, if one from another planet were to make such a judgment about American morality and culture in general based upon the types of advertisements appearing in “straight” publications and predominantly “straight” television advertisements and programming, would they not make a very similar judgment of American society as a whole?
The right wing megaphone appearing on tonight’s’ prime time program pointed to publications that are predominantly Gay-Lesbian in their content.  He failed to mention the fact that New York City’s “Village Voice” newspaper regularly features personal advertisements for married men seeking bi-sexual women to spice up their marriage beds, black buxom women to dominate and humiliate white submissive male “slaves,” and married heterosexual couples seeking other couples for swap meets and the like.
   This same paper runs advertisements for both heterosexual and Gay-Lesbian individuals who seek long term, committed, life-long relationships.  How easy it is to point to that which proves our slanted point than to acknowledge in truth that the homosexual community at it’s worst is not at all more deviant or immoral than the majority of society as it is represented and pandered to by the media.  If sex only sells to the homosexual, why is it that all I ever see in the “straight” media is half naked female bodies selling everything from airline tickets and power equipment to magazines and automobiles?
I for one am so tired of this hideous notion of a secret agenda on the part of a segment of our human family that is every bit as fragmented and fraught with prejudice and misunderstandings as our straight counterparts that it is impossible to unite and motivate this community behind any one program, law, organization, or political agenda.  There are monogamous Gay-Lesbian individuals who never grace the entrance of the local nightclub or even endure the hot June sun to observe the antics of the “Gay Pride” parades.    There are Gay Republicans, and including myself, gay Christians who are every bit as devoted to their conviction that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Glory revealed to mankind in fleshly form for the salvation of a lost and aimless world as they were when they sat weekly in the pews of the church of their childhood being verbally assaulted from the pulpit for having thoughts, desires, and feelings that they no more controlled than their daily appetite for food and drink.
   It may offend your sensibilities to recognize this truth, but THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GAY LIFESTYLE.  I scarcely know two Gay or Lesbian individuals who embrace the same religious, political, social, moral, or work ethic as one another, never mind mirror one another in terms of their behaviors, daily activities, or sexual appetites and expressions.  Some wear jeans and tie-dyed T-shirts, whereas others work on Wall Street and daily wear shirt and ties.
When in the world will the religious zealots who genuinely embrace a secret agenda to legislate Christian morality and force feed Judeo-Christian ethics on the American population finally recognize and acknowledge that the homosexual community is no more or any less evil innately than is the straight community that chooses to live without God?  I can answer that.  Never.  For to do so would require that they humble themselves in the presence of an all knowing God and admit that they, unlike their divine Creator, do not know everything there is to know about everything relative to everyone in every place at every time in human history.
   There is indeed a secret agenda.  The heterosexual or the homosexual communities do not embrace it.  It is conceived in Hell and promoted from the very desk of Satan himself in an effort to encourage mankind to destroy itself by consuming one another.  The ultimate goal of this secret agenda is to drive a wedge so deep between the church of Jesus Christ and those who once loved Him but could not find peace and reconciliation between their faith and their sexual orientation, that they opt instead to abandon Christianity altogether and embrace instead the more tolerant ideologies of new age religious thought and pagan beliefs.
   There most certainly is an agenda.  And sadly enough those who most claim to represent Jesus Christ of Galilee are more readily lining up to get on Satan’s payroll than are the godless sorts, which they decry.  For a truly godly people acknowledge and appreciate any effort on the part of man to acknowledge God and pursue an understanding of and relationship with Him through the revelation of Himself in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Keep preaching “homo’s” into Hell.  The more you say it, the more you cause that very thing to come to pass.  Not because it has to, but because in your ignorance and fear you are creating a self-fulfilled prophecy by alienating those who would otherwise struggle to make Heaven.
   When judgment day has finally arrived, you can be certain that suddenly all those principals you preached without understanding will suddenly reveal themselves to the fullest extent of light and understanding.  In that day you will come to realize in absolute truth that there was a conspiracy.  Yes, there was a conspiracy of deception and condemnation to which you willingly played party.  A conspiracy that will earn your place in the darkest pits of Hell itself as Jesus Christ reminds us all of the simple truth, “Many that are first shall be last and last that shall be first.”  In that day, you will watch as those whom you deem sinful and unworthy are ushered into the presence of a graceful and loving Savior and you are escorted by the imps of hell to a place of darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
   Throughout all of eternity you shall be heard by a cackling devil to repeatedly cry out in pain, “It was a conspiracy!”  The saddest part is, you were right.  A conspiracy by Satan to convince the wrong that they were right, and the sincere but human seeker of truth that they were hopeless. The joke, my dear friend, will be on you!  For in that day you shall see the real conspirator and what his true agenda was.  He was neither straight nor gay, but evil to the core.  Satan has only one purpose; that being to fill the cells of Hell with souls who allowed this conspiracy to discourage them from living the Christ-like existence.
By: Rev. Charles Burnett-Morrow
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