It is our contention that the grace and love of our God are available to and applicable to ALL, including the homosexual, bisexual, and Transgendered.   You can either abandon your faith in Christ simply because of that which is taught and preached within certain churches, or you too can invest the time and energy necessary to "Come Out Believing!" The devil doesn't lose when you quit trusting God for your salvation through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary.  But he does win when you abandon your faith without a fight and succumb to the lies of those who preach a hateful, judgmental, and condemnatory message that does not even begin to reflect the truths found in the "good news" that is the "Gospel" of Jesus Christ!  Other sites you may find very helpful...

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Dear Visitor;
     There likely exists no greater battle that a man or woman can engage in than that of personal identity (particularly in the area of sexual orientation) as it relates to their relationship with God.  Mainstream churches, the fundamentalist right, and zealous evangelicals have long condemned Gay-Lesbian people in wholesale fashion as evil, unclean, and ungodly.  Sadly, these notions are based on a very distorted view of certain scriptural passages that appear to address the issue of homosexuality.  In truth, the way these few passages read and the actual meaning behind what is being said are not at all the same.  The truth concerning homosexuality and the Bible is very difficult for even Gay-Lesbian believers to embrace as they have for so long been indoctrinated and brain-washed into believing a myriad of lies relative to an issue over which they have absolutely no direct control.  Most non-GLBT believers have no interest whatsoever in even investigating or trying to understand the truth in these matters as they do not directly affect their own lives or walks with God.  So the misunderstandings continue to be perpetrated against GLBT people with little hope of clarification.
     Many think that the only way in which one is able to reconcile homosexuality with the Bible  is to rewrite that sacred text.  But nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, the Bible does not at all need to be rewritten, but rather re-read!  Texts often used to banish homosexuals to an eternity in Hell are grossly misunderstood and misrepresented.  A more careful, scholarly look at these texts reveal in a nutshell that the Word of God flatly and clearly condemns sexual conduct which is directly related to religion.  Religious prostitution and sexual perversion tied to religious ritual were rampant in Biblical times amongst the phallic pagan religions who virtually worshipped the male sexual organ (as well as female genitalia and the whole procreative process) and valued the "seed" of man as sacred and valuable as gold.  Often times the practices referred to in Scripture were homosexual in nature, requiring individuals to do things which they would not ever do - naturally. Ancient religions would require one to have to go against their own natural sexual orientation to engage in ritual same-sex conduct which promised blessing or prosperity.
     A careful examination of the story of Sodom alone is so eye opening for the average Christian that there can be no doubt whatsoever that priests, popes, prophets, pastors, and preachers have twisted this story so grossly out of context so as to use it to condemn a segment of society that the world often ignorantly and hatefully walks hand in hand with the church to condemn.  The fact that secular society and the church are so much in lockstep over this issue should clearly suggest that something is amiss.
     This site is designed for those who are struggling, or those who have just recently discovered the truth that grace is available to all who will hear, believe, and obey the wonderful message and plan of salvation articulated within the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We make no apologies for the positions we take within this site.  They are the byproduct of years of personal struggle and discovery, as well as many years of careful and exhaustive Biblical research.  We pray that by the time you have finished using this resource, you too will have fully discovered your liberty in Christ and the joy of knowing grace and love in truth.
     Sincerely In Christ,
     The Lost & Found Online Fellowship Family
     Come Out Believing

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